Services for New Businesses

It is both exciting and frightening to launch a new business. We feel privileged to have been chosen by many new entrepreneurs to assist them as they establish their enterprises. Our goal is to help nurture your new business into a profitable one.

We take the time to present the pros and cons of an LLC, an S Corp and a Sole Proprietorship and explain how your choice can significantly impact the after-tax cash flow available to the principals, the level of personal liability and the deductibility of employer benefits. We advise you on what overall method of accounting to use, how to choose your company’s tax year-end and how you will obtain and maintain critical financing.

But as important as telling you what we know is our ability to listen. By listening to you tell us your vision, goals, passion and objectives, we are better able to help you fashion your dream into a successful operation. After the launch, we maintain a close relationship with the owner to ensure that business strategies continue to coordinate with the individual tax situation.

Every business client has unique goals. Augenblick & Company is committed to ensuring that your corporate structure, income tax planning and business planning are optimized to meet them.

We offer these services for NEW BUSINESSES:

  • Choosing an entity

  • Registering with federal, state & local taxation authorities

  • Selecting optimum accounting system

  • Resource for new business owner’s questions

  • Counsel on debt structure & financing

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