Tax Preparation & Accounting Services
for Individuals

When it comes to your personal tax and accounting needs, you can count on the professionals at Augenblick & Company to provide sophisticated and timely advice, along with prompt, expert responses to your tax and accounting questions and concerns.

With our extensive experience in individual taxation, we deliver a level of service that reaches far beyond the traditional tax preparation and accounting support most people expect from an accounting firm. We apply a simple planned approach that takes the uncertainty out of tax time.

Our responsibility to you does not end with preparing your return. As soon as we complete your return, we start the planning phase. We help many of our executive clients with forecasts and models. Working closely with you, we develop strategies that fine-tune and may reduce withholding, estimated taxes and even tax liability. We strive to ensure that you pay no more in taxes than you are obligated to by law.

Your tax and financial concerns are as unique as your personality. We offer individuals a scope of personalized services to make it easier to get your taxes filed correctly and achieve your financial goals.

Beyond income tax planning and preparation, we routinely assist our executive clients with the challenges of stock options, RSUs and deferred compensation plans and periodically review different retirement planning strategies. Our impartial advice is independent of any financial benefit to us.

We offer these services for INDIVIDUALS:

  • Tax review, planning & estimation

  • Personal income tax preparation: federal, state, local returns

  • Filing extensions

  • Retirement & estate planning

  • Stock options, RSUs & deferred compensation strategies

  • General financial management

  • Creating your personal tax organizer

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