If it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn’t.

That maxim goes for any promises from a tax preparer that he or she will save you money on your taxes. Until the professional has delved into your financials and all the documentation that you provide for the tax year in question, it is irresponsible to predict a tax savings over the previous year’s return—or for a current return prepared by another individual or firm.

We can’t stress enough how unique you are—and how much your individual circumstances influence how we advise you, approach your tax situation and complete your return. The answers you give us—both on your personalized Tax Organizer and in our “live” conversations—and the documents we request from you help to tell us the story of your financial year.

We use this information to prepare a return—or returns, plural—that is accurate and accompanied by all required forms and schedules. Our primary responsibility, and what you pay us to do, is to help you to fulfill your tax obligations to the federal, state &/or local authorities by providing an accurate amount for you to pay while ensuring that you pay no more than what the statutes require.

Meanwhile, we can promise you this: We will never base your fee on a percentage of your refund. The fee we charge is calculated on the number of hours we spend—often correlating to the complexity of your return.

When you bring us your tax materials, we go to work on your behalf. You’re counting on us to be fair, realistic and accurate, and you’re entrusting us with your financial security and future. Thank you.